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Owners Corporation

Dedicated and Reliable Building Management

Common areas, building infrastructure and shared amenities in residential and mixed-use developments need quality facilities management to run smoothly, safely and under budget.

At JKR Property Group, we take complete responsibility for supporting your Owners Corporation and OC Management team to create and maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all residents and workers.

We carefully coordinate and supervise all essential facilities management services, including coordinating works,  vetting and inducting contractors, compliance management, improving your cleaning and gardening outcomes, management of preventative, programmed and responsive maintenance and ensuring best-practice safety and security protocols.

We’ll work year-round to ensure your workplace or residence maintains a visibly high standard and costs are kept within budget.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond your service expectations and are always available when your building needs us – 24/7/365.

End-to-End Services

In support of OC Management, JKR Property Group controls and coordinates all strategic and operational aspects of your building.

From compliance management and waste control to emergency response and planned / responsive maintenance, we’ll ensure your building is a great place to live or work.

With JKR Property Group, you can expect:

    • Regular reporting and transparency.
    • Centralised building history.
    • Easy to understand compliance guides.
    • Regular building inspections.

Owners Corporation

Tailored Building Management Services

We will work with you to tailor a building management solution suited to your budget and needs.

Concierge and Resident Services

Complimenting our FM service, we can supply a complete solution incorporating welcoming, experienced concierges to assist your residents and guests to achieve maximum building amenity.

Bylaws Management

We will ensure that your common spaces and amenities are tidy and safe, implementing proactive strategies in the recording, reporting and management of bylaws compliance.

Planned and Responsive Maintenance

We assist you to identify and manage all common area infrastructure and shared amenities within your building.  With planning and foresight, we can assist you to improve building system performance and extend the life of critical assets.

24/7 Support When You Need Us

We are available to respond to emergency issues within your building 24/7/365 and are always available to assist when your building needs us.

Take the Next Step

We have an easy, obligation-free assessment and quotation process and can supply referees and further information on request.  Call or email us now to commence the process.

Why Choose Us

You’ll get great results within your budget.

We’re big believers in providing value within your budget.  We deliver outstanding results to all our clients.  You can always count on us for our reliability and commitment.

Enjoy a cleaner, safer and more secure building.

First impressions make all the difference.  We will ensure your soft services providers are delivering according to the prescribed ABMA Building Management Code standards and frequencies.  And if we can, we will lower your costs whilst improving quality (and we often do!).  We also maintain security key, fob and remote registers to safeguard your building’s access and resident safety at all times.

You’ll receive personalised care and service

Working with us means that you will always have access to a company director to assess and address any issue, idea or feedback that you have to improve our service.  As a valued JKR Property Group client, you’ll also have access to our large supporting team of qualified and vetted tradespeople, cleaners and gardenders for your building management services.  Plus, our directors personally audit and review all buildings regularly to maintain our first-rate standards.

We foster a sense of community

We want all residents to love where they live.  With well-maintained facilities and an efficient owners corporation, you’ll have more opportunity to boost community engagement and to improve relationships with owners and residents.

Reach out to our friendly team to find the right building management solution for your needs.