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Keeping Your Building Safe & Compliant

Owners Corporations have a duty to maintain buildings and infrastructure in a safe and compliant manner.  We operate according to proven best-practice compliance and safety procedures, with our systems, processes and record-keeping principles helping to support the OC and OC Management to sustain a safe and compliant building.

During your onboarding, we carefully review your building’s compliance requirements and past activities.  We’ll listen to your compliance and safety objectives and concerns and tailor a solution for you.

Comprehensive Onboarding Compliance Review

Guided in part by the industry gold standard – the ABMA Building Management Code – and other Australian Standards and leading benchmarks, as part of our onboarding process, we perform a comprehensive audit of your building’s regulatory compliance needs and work with your Owners Corporation and OC Management Team to quickly bring your building up to a safe and compliant state.

This process assists you to immediately reduce risks to residents and to the Owners Corporation, and to identify improved practices for managing your common areas.

Ongoing Compliance Inspections

We create a comprehensive compliance checklist within our proprietary systems, enabling us to regularly audit, inspect and improve compliance outcomes in your building.

Contractor Oversight & Induction

We have robust protocols to ensure that all contractors are appropriately inducted and capable of performing works safely and in a manner that maintains building compliance at all timesz.

Centralised Building Information

As your facilities manager, we diligently centralise all manuals and maintenance schedules for key assets. We maintain records of all audits, ad hoc maintenance requests and key communications and can customise reports to suit your needs.

Regular Building Inspections

We conduct regular inspections of your building’s common areas and infrastructure, with a sophisticated and responsive triage and communications system, allowing us to appropriately record and alert OC Management to building issues according to priority and with sufficient detail to make informed and timely decisions.

Reach out to our friendly team to find the right building management solution for your needs.