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Best-Practice Contractor Management

Particularly affecting the strata industry, conflicts of interest are unfortunately quite common, with facilities management often becoming the preferred service provider for maintenance and ad hoc works.

Whilst this may be presented to the OC as a cost-effective solution, it provides a financial incentive for facilities management to act contrary to their fiduciary obligations to the OC.  Additionally, it has the potential to deteriorate trust between the OC Committee, Management and its members.

JKR Property Group addresses this issue with a robust and transparent process, ensuring integrity at all times:

Contractor Engagement Commitment:  In providing facilities management services of the highest standard, all maintenance works are coordinated at arms-length and are necessary, proportionate, competitively priced and appropriately supervised on your behalf.

This commitment and integrity-first approach has empowered us to deliver to our valued clients:

    • Significant and consistent cost savings.
    • Increased quality of works performed.
    • Improvements in transparency and governance protocols.
    • Enhanced confidence and relations between the OC Committee, Management and the OC Members.

Contractor Vetting, Pre-Qualification & Induction

Our robust supplier engagement process includes:

    • Insurance, License, ABN/ACN and Reference Checks.
    • Verify that contractors have appropriate Safe Work Method Statements (SWMs), Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) and/or OH&S Certification commensurate with the proposed works and the underlying risks (if required).
    • Delineation of safety management roles and responsibilities.
    • Provision of site safety rules and induction.
    • Contractor Pre-Qualification (this critical step is commonly misunderstood and is often not addressed within the strata industry.  We invite further discussion to assist you to understand how employing this best-practice approach can minimise risk to your OC and your building users).