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End-to-End Facilities Management For Your Building

For property developers, embedded building management can deliver hassle-free and long-term value. Our team of Melbourne onsite facilities managers have the tools, experience and know-how to maximise your building’s potential.

Drawing from our ample experience managing residences and offices across Melbourne, we provide you with better return on your investment. We do this by managing:

  • Leasing and sales
  • Inspections
  • Settlement cleaning
  • Settlement handovers
  • Defect management
  • Resident and owner services
  • A full suite of embedded building management services


We empower you to sell stock faster, minimise rental guarantee exposure, maximise profits and focus on your next project with confidence. If your goal is to attract better buyers, you can rest assured that your building will always be kept at the highest standards.

The best part? Most of our services are deliverable at no direct cost to our developer clients.

Our typical engagement process is:

Step 1

Vision Alignment and Engagement

Our facilities managers can make any building development a great space to live or work. We meet with you to understand your vision and objectives in bringing your building to market. From here, we’ll present a number of options for your needs with a formal engagement. With your sign-off, we’ll get straight to work.

Step 2

Marketing Strategy (Sales & Letting)

As our client, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience in real estate, staging and marketing. We can prepare detailed investor-facing marketing assets to help your selling agents get exceptional results.

To guarantee your satisfaction, we liaise with committed investors and owners for the best rental strategies and furniture pack options. Our commitment to beautify your space helps prospective residents feel right at home.

We proactively work to minimise your risk of rental guarantee liability exposure and build a high-value environment. Boosting the perceived value means potential tenants may be willing to pay higher rent.

Step 3

Inspections, Settlement and Defect Management

Building management has various complex components. As your single point of contact, JKR Property Group will maintain all individual relationships with owners and their agents. This frees you up to focus on what matters – completing your building, resolving defects and moving onto your next project. We have proven systems, know-how and are committed to make the process hassle-free and efficient.

Step 4

Embedded Building Management

At JKR Property Group, we’re focused on protecting the value of your asset. Your embedded building manager delivers your vision and maintains your building at peak condition. This cements its place as a great showcase for your future projects and investors.

Through tenure security, we lock in your building cleaning, gardening, and maintenance standards around the clock. High-quality facilities management provide investors with certainty – they know they’ll have quality amenities to enjoy for years to come.

Step 5

Launch Your Next Building Development Sooner

Our building operations manual, defect management processes and high standards in facilities management help you move onto your next project faster. With all your owners corporation responsibilities in check, property developers can enjoy a prompt exit and impetus to focus on your next building development. Enjoy peace of mind knowing we’ll keep your building in first-rate condition and deliver ongoing value.

Reach out to our friendly team to find the right building management solution for your needs.